United in the vision of an environmentally respectful future.

Let’s collaborate to create innovative biological solutions, promoting both healthy and sustainable agriculture and nutrition.


Driven by Transparency, we value open communication in innovation. We are constantly in search of the most advanced solutions, ensuring they are presented transparently to all our partners and clients. 

Active Listening

Inspired by Accessibility, we immerse ourselves in agricultural realities, ensuring every farmer, regardless of their size or location, is heard and has access to the best solutions. 


With Efficiency as our cornerstone, every decision we make is meticulously optimized. Our rich knowledge and specialized expertise position us as leaders, always seeking the best methods while honoring our commitment to sustainability. 

Human Connection

Founded on Motivation, we are driven by an unwavering passion for the agricultural sector. Each interaction is an opportunity for exchange and collaboration, aiming to create a greener and healthier agricultural future for all. 

Agricultural Evolution and Innovation

Embrace a new agricultural era with Agricells, where tradition and futurism merge for healthy and sustainable farming. Established in 2020, our ambition was clear: reduce reliance on chemical inputs and aim for healthier food. Today, under the leadership of Maxence Semacoy Albertini and Vincent Vandamme, we are proud of our diverse team, comprising experts from fields ranging from biotechnology to genetics. Our philosophy is simple: through innovation, together, we can shape a prosperous agricultural future. Our values, embodied by the acronym T.E.A.M., guide our every action. Transparency, Efficiency, Accessibility, and Motivation are not just words, but a reflection of our deep commitment to our mission. Discover the story, team, and values that make Agricells a pioneer in the agricultural sector. 

Our Products

The agricultural revolution is at our doorstep. With Agricells, discover a range of products designed to transform your farming. Whether liquid solutions for optimal plant growth, solid products for extended nutrition, or even future-forward innovations for tomorrow’s challenges, we have everything you need. Our products showcase our dedication to nature-respecting, efficient, and innovative farming. 

Liquid Technologies

Dive into modern agricultural technology with our liquid solutions, such as Agricells Growth OD PULV, suitable for furrow use, or the Agricells Growth OD SEED for improved germination and growth. 

Solid Innovations

Explore our solid range, with products like the Agricells Growth WP01, based on Kaolin or Maltodextrin. And don’t miss our future innovations, such as the Agricells Growth MG microgranules, revolutionizing the way we nourish our plants. 

Our Expertise

At AGRICELLS, our expertise is founded on a passion for innovative and sustainable agriculture. Established in 2020, our team has been dedicated to exploring solutions that allow plants to thrive against challenges. At the heart of our initiatives, we have conducted intensive trials, both in laboratories and in the field, across Europe. This rigorous approach has enabled us to understand how plants respond to different stresses, whether climatic conditions or nutritional deficiencies. Our multidisciplinary team spans a broad spectrum, from cutting-edge research to commercialization. With this comprehensive expertise, we envision a future where technology and agriculture come together for a healthier and more respectful environment. 

Together for Sustainable Agriculture

Agricells works towards chemical-free agriculture, prioritizing innovative biosolutions. Our dream: healthy and sustainable food for all. 

The Challenge We Take On

Agricells is committed to providing effective biostimulants and biocontrols for all farmers. Through our passion for biotechnology, we are constantly innovating, targeting 7 European countries and South America by 2025. 

Partnerships of Excellence

Agricells is more than just an agricultural initiative; it’s a convergence of expertise, an alliance of leaders in various fields who have all validated and reinforced our approach at every stage. It’s this unique synergy that makes Agricells a serious and reliable player in the field of innovative agriculture. Each partner contributes to our mission, ensuring it’s backed by the best in every specialty. We are privileged to collaborate with Wagralim for biostimulants, Redebel for homologation, and Calysta for intellectual property. Beyond Law Firm, the University of Mons, Acies Bio, Lyophitech, Ajinomoto, Weexa, and CPE Lyon with BioFactory are also vital links in this chain of excellence. Our growth is further strengthened by institutional support from Sambrinvest, Investsud, and Luxembourg Development.