Agricells: Leading in Agricultural Biotechnology for a Greener Future

Founded in 2020, Agricells pioneers in harnessing biotechnological advancements to innovate sustainable agricultural solutions. We’re steadfast in our vision to minimize the chemical footprint in agriculture, bringing to the forefront next-gen biosolutions. 

Modern Agriculture: Anchored in Advanced Science and Technology

Tackling Global Challenges

As the world grapples with the repercussions of climate change and pressing food security concerns, we believe the future of agriculture hinges on intricate biotechnological insights. At Agricells, our commitment is mirrored in our investments in breakthrough technologies like genomics and metabolomics, all aimed at sculpting a sustainable agricultural future.

Trailblazing with AG002/2 Trials since 2021

Since Agricellsinception in February 2020 and the birth of our signature strain AG002/2, we’ve spearheaded numerous biostimulation and biocontrol trials. Collaborating with top-tier European CROs such as SGS, EUROFINS, SYNTECH, STAPHYT, GMW, and REDEBEL, we’ve successfully completed 73 diverse trials. This includes an average of 5 revolutionary treatments per trial, benchmarked against a commercial reference and a control group.

In-Lab Innovations (26 Comprehensive Trials)

Experience the zenith of agritech with Agricells Growth OD PULV. Crafted meticulously for furrow or drench applications, this formula promises amplified plant growth and unparalleled nutrient uptake efficiency. Scientifically backed, it stands as a testament to our commitment to spearheading liquid agricultural solutions. 

Real-world Efficacy: Field Trials Across 7 European Nations (47 in Total)

Elevate your crop yield with Agricells Growth OD SEED. Designed to invigorate seed germination, nurture young plant growth, and guarantee a rich harvest, it’s a culmination of our cutting-edge research. It’s not just a treatment; it’s a game-changer for farmers dedicated to maximizing crop potential.

Strategic Collaborations: Crafting the Future of Agriculture

Tomorrow’s agriculture demands synchronized efforts across multifaceted research domains. Recognizing this, Agricells fosters partnerships with globally recognized universities, avant-garde biotech research entities, and other industry trailblazers. Together, we co-create the future of agricultural solutions.

Our Core Competencies: Driving Growth & Vision Realization

R&D Prowess

From DNA sequencing and metabolite analyses to innovating natural mutants and QC methodologies, our R&D is the backbone of our disruptive solutions.

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance Excellence

We take pride in our high-yield biofermentation techniques, tailored fermentation designs, and a meticulous approach to scaling and formulating, underpinned by rigorous analytical methods.

Regulatory Affairs Mastery

Our prowess extends to drafting detailed dossiers, establishing rapport with regulatory authorities, and navigating national and mutual recognition processes.

Test Innovations

We set the gold standard in test design, from Petri dish evaluations and in-vivo trials to meticulous field trial monitoring and strategic collaborations with CROs.

Strategic Market Access

Our deep-rooted market insights facilitate precise segmentation, competitive pricing strategies, and building a formidable commercial network spanning multinationals to local retailers.

Intellectual Property, Legal Expertise, and Advanced IT

Our portfolio boasts meticulously crafted patent dossiers, comprehensive contract designs, and a state-of-the-art, secure IT infrastructure.

A Network of Partners: Amplifying Our Global Vision