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Dive into a collection of groundbreaking products designed to elevate your farming practices. Whether you seek potent liquids to boost plant growth, innovative solids for slow nutrient release, or future-ready innovations to address agricultural challenges, Agricells stands as your go-to partner. Our R&D breakthroughs offer high-performing and eco-friendly solutions. Immerse yourself in a realm where science, technology, and nature unite for optimal agriculture. Our products symbolize our dedication to a greener planet and nutritious food for everyone. 

Liquid Products

Agricells Growth OD PULV (In-Furrow/Drench Application)

Exemption Number: EM735.OF.

Embrace cutting-edge agri-tech with Agricells Growth OD PULV. Crafted for in-furrow or drench application, it enhances plant growth, ensuring maximum nutrient uptake. The scientifically-backed benefits of this product set it at the forefront of liquid agricultural solutions. 

Agricells Growth OD SEED (Seed Treatment)

Exemption Number: EM735.OF.

Give your seeds the premium treatment they deserve. Agricells Growth OD SEED enhances germination, stimulates young plant growth, and ensures a bountiful, healthy harvest. Backed by advanced research, it’s essential for farmers aiming to maximize crop potential. 

Solid Product

Agricells Growth WP01 (Kaolin or Maltodextrine-based, In-Furrow/Drench Application)

Exemption Number: EM735.OC.

A novel in solid agricultural products, Agricells Growth WP01 is based on Kaolin or Maltodextrine, promising flexible in-furrow or drench application. Its unique composition assures slow and effective nutrient release, fostering robust plant growth.

Innovation Product

Agricells Growth MG (Micro Granulates In-Furrow Application)

Exemption Number: EM735.OC.

Revolutionize your farming with Agricells Growth MG microgranulates. Designed for direct in-furrow application, these innovative granules gradually release essential growth agents, ensuring uniform and robust plant growth. Harness Agricellsadvanced technology and watch your crops achieve unmatched heights. 

Our Innovative and Future Products

Ongoing advancements in Agricells’ R&D have paved the way for novel solutions addressing current and upcoming agricultural challenges. These products aim to enhance productivity while offering sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives. 


  • Biosciences COMBO: An ensemble of biological products for agronomic value. The term “COMBO” mirrors the harmonious blend of diverse biological elements, creating a synergistic product whose results exceed the sum of its components. 
  • Biostimulant COMBO: Part of our innovative range, it’s designed to boost plant growth and bolster resilience against environmental stressors. 
  • Biocontrol COMBO: Developed to provide a bio-based solution against various agricultural threats, it’s an alternative to traditional methods using biological mechanisms to safeguard crops. 
  • Bioinsecticide: Catering to the growing demand for non-chemical pest solutions, this product stands out in our innovative range. 


Please note that these products, still under development, have not been fully disclosed but represent our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainable agricultural solutions. 

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The agricultural revolution is just beginning, and you can be a pivotal part of it. With Agricells, you opt for innovation, nature conservation, and future-ready solutions for a greener world. If you’re prepared to step into future farming, we’re here to guide you. Join us on this exhilarating journey to mold tomorrow’s agriculture.

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